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      ·Electronic Science and Technology Festival is Upcoming2016-04-18
      ·2013 NUDT Commencement Ceremony Held in Campus One2014-01-02
      ·Delegation of Sun Yat-Sen University visited NUDT2013-12-25
      ·The 15th English Cultural Month of NUDT Commenced2013-12-05
      ·Seminar of 'Cultivation for Creativity Capability of Postgraduate Students' held in NUDT2013-12-02
      ·Delegation of Laos officers visited NUDT2013-12-02
      ·2th International Cadets Technology Week held in NUDT 2013-12-02
      ·NUDT Won Champion in the National Mathematic Competition2013-12-09
      ·Call for paper, The 3rd International Seminar on Strategy of National Security and Development of Science & Technology 2012-12-25
      ·Introduction to the Second “International Seminar on the Strategy of National Security and Development of Science and Technology”2011-05-17
      ·NUDT Deprived the Gold Medal in the International University Students Programming Contest2010-08-30
      ·The Commencement for 2010 Graduates at NUDT2010-07-07
      ·Wonderful 2010 Graduation Party2010-06-22
      ·The First Meeting of Future Computing Held at NUDT2010-06-20
      ·The Third National Academic Meeting of the Agent Theory and its Application Successfully Held by the College of Computer2010-04-12
      ·The Awarding Ceremony for CASC Scholarship 20092009-11-29
      ·Academic Lecture: The Future World and the Complex Systems2009-11-29
      ·2009 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics (ROBIO 2009)2009-11-29
      ·NUDT Undergraduates Dynamics Contest 20092009-11-09
      ·Frontier Forum for National Defense Technology 20092009-10-29
      ·The 11th English Culture Month2009-10-29
      ·NUDT Basketball Match for Faculties 20092009-09-29
      ·The Opening Ceremony of the 8th Aerospace Science and Technology Festival2009-08-29
      ·Graduates Debate Contest: 2nd Session2009-04-29
      ·Flight into the Future Project Contest: 2nd Session2009-03-29
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